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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Holy cow... It has been over a month since my last post and so much has happened. I have moved to a new town, survived weeks without internet (this was seriously torture and is why it has been awhile since my last post), and slowly, but surely learned how to cook...somewhat.

Two and a half weeks ago I made the hour and a half journey to my new home. I have lived on my own before and even lived farther away from my family, but this time was different. As exciting as this new chapter is for me, this move was and still is pretty scary. Over the past few years, my momma and I have developed a much closer relationship, I have found a lover, best friend, dancing partner, and late night ice cream runner, Ryan, and also found a best friend that I never had in someone who I have known most of my life, Carly. I can not believe I am admitting this but, I may or may not be a little home sick, though I am sure that feeling will weaken as school starts back up and I have things to be doing and a schedule to follow. Until then, wheels will be burning down HWY 400 while "On the Road Again" is a distant tune in the back of my mind.

3 packed vehicles and 2 full trailers later and we were off!
The move started off a little rough...when we arrived to move in, the AC was not working. After some hard work in an upstairs 86° apartment, I was all settled in. I seriously could not have done it without my amazingly strong dad and boyfriend. And then thank goodness my mom was there to help with the unpacking. She was a trooper and toughed it out and stayed the night with me to finish unpacking the following day in the heat. I even had surprise visit from the grandparents to help me move in. I am so very thankful and appreciative for these great people in my life! Thank you guys again & I love you!

Over the years I have accumulated quite a bit of stuff, mostly clothes and shoes, and this is maybe why my dad told me I am never allowed to move again, haha. My apartment is pretty small, but it is cozy and has a lot of character. I love it! Soo....here are the pictures! I hope you like!

My apartment is the top left window! It is in a really nice residential area....with a brick road!! It is a house that has been sectioned off into four apartments and even includes a garage around back. I am in love! :)
Ignore the white table...I am on the look out for a coffee table.

Okay so, that retro pointed clock on my wall...above my teensy tiny T.V....was my great grandma's! LOVE IT!
My dinning room. One of my favorite features about my new place...the rounded archways! You can kind of see into the kitchen here, but not much to see there. My motto, "for looks only."

This is my favorite part to home! The sun room...with brick!

My bathroom is small with hardly any storage so I am turning this into my "make-up/girly room." I am on the hunt for a pretty vanity mirror.
Super tiny bathroom!
My room! Yeah, I need to do something with that brown dresser, but I just got it for my room and had no time to paint it.

That closet is tiny too, but I have a surprise!

My pillows say it all....I LOVE my bed. My mom and dad made me that super cool headboard!
SURPRISE! This was probably intended for storage, but I envisioned something much more prettier for it. It is HUGE!

Do not say I have too many shoes...impossible! Shoes are a girls best friend!
Well...if you are still with me, you have just virtually toured my home. I have already been making memories in my new place and I can not wait to make more! My favorite so far....my first family dinner. Keep in mind my kitchen's motto, "for looks only." About a week ago my parents made a trip to see me and to bring a load of my classroom stuff and well....1 fire alarm and 3 blown breakers later we had a nice delicious "1st family" dinner at my place. If you know me, this probably does not surprise you one bit I am sure. I am getting better though! Only 1 blown breaker and NO fire alarms since!
My mom brought up two of my cousins this past weekend to go swimming and Lily wanted to be in my house pictures. Too cute not to share!

Miss Mal

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