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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Smelling the Roses...

Wow. Where do I begin? The past 5-6 months I have been going nonstop and time has flew by.
Right now, I am pushing pause. Breathing. Feeling. Enjoying. Living. 
After swimming (more like doggy-paddling, kicking, and flopping around like crazy) just to keep my head above water, I realized how fast life my life has changed. Teaching has been chaotic, hard, fun, stressful, busy, and so much more, but mostly busy. Between balancing work and my life, I have not had anytime to smell the roses and take in the happenings around me. They can tell you all they want how exhausting a 1st year elementary teacher will be, but until it happens, you will not fully understand. My mind and opinion on teaching has completely changed and looking at that aspect of my life, I am really not quite sure where my God will direct my life's path.

These next few months years are only going to get busier. I can't wait to document every ounce of it.
Welcome to the good life. 
Each year of my life seems to get better and they are always filled with countless blessings. 2013 was great, and the best of the year was saved for last.
On Friday, December 13th, 2013, Ryan Lynn decided he really did want to spend forever with me. He even placed that ginormous rock on my finger to prove it. It was completely unnecessary but of course I did not object. :) It was incredible and there will definitely be more on that story later! Meanwhile, a quick review of 2013.....
Miss Mal

P.S. Thank you Carly for encouraging me to do this and keep it up. :)

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