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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Chapter: Big Kid Status

I told you I would hopefully have some great news to share soon. Well, yesterday I found out that the decision was made official. I am pleased to announce that the school board accepted my employment and I am now a 4th grade teacher for the upcoming school year.
This is where the color blue came into play as the hint. The school colors are blue and gold, which happen to be my favorite colors and the colors I look best in. :)
Elementary education is not the easiest career to get into. It can be discouraging when hearing statistics such as, in New York, about 6,500 childhood education specialists were trained in 2010 to fill the projected demand of 2,800 in 2011, according to the state's education department and labor bureau. In my local area there could be up to 200 applicants for 1 position. I had finally came to peace with the idea of being a substitute teacher for next year because I knew securing a teaching job would be so difficult. This was the 2nd job I applied for and my first, and only, real interview. Everything fell into perfect place and was such a blessing. The moment I hung up the phone after verbally accepting this position, I instantly fell to my knees and began crying. I can not thank God enough for the opportunities and blessings he has placed in my life.

Looking back on my 3.5 years of college, everything I have endured now makes sense in God's plan. I never imagined myself teaching in a 4th grade classroom...the year after graduation! Teaching is all I have ever wanted to do. Taylor Mali has a wonderful outlook on teaching about what teachers make and it is exactly why I want to teach. I do not want to teach for the typical benefits people look at, but for the unseen benefits. I want to make a difference.
Sorry for the overload, but it is also to great not to share. Taylor Mali states here that teachers are, in fact, miracle workers.

It just so happens that it is Teacher Appreciation Week. Make sure you thank a "Miracle Worker" in your life!! :)

Miss Mal  

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