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Monday, May 6, 2013

Jewel Filled Treasure Box

It has almost been a week since a post and so I thought I should come back with something amazing to share. This lead me to jewels. Which could be a close runner up to a girls best friend in my opinion.

For my birthday two weeks ago I received an amazing jewelry armoire, which I was in desperate need of. I may or may not be guilty of having 50+ necklaces... :) I have tried everything to store it in, I even bought a jewelry armoire similar to this from Target. Nothing ever worked. My necklaces were too long for the side doors to shut so it looked tacky with the doors left open and the armoire still never held all my jewelry so I still had random pieces laying throughout my room. It was annoying and so I went away with it all together and settled for having all my jewelry hang on dresser nobs and other handles in my room. Not the best way to care for jewelry that you spent so much money on.

My new treasure box full of jewels can be found here at HSN.

It holds over 200 pieces of jewelry! Also, when you shut the door, it is a full length mirror. Double awesome! This past week I organized it to my liking and would already recommend it to anyone! I am not the only one who would recommend it either. The armoire on HSN has over 2,000 reviews with 1,100 of them being 5 star (4.1 star rating)!
  1. Has enough space for my longer necklaces and can still shut the door.
  2. Easy earring storage where you do not have to take off the backs because they slide right into a slot and hang for an easy visual, even my stud earrings.
  3. The small inside mirror is great for looking at a necklace or earrings instead of shutting the door every time just to see if the pieces look okay with the outfit.
  4. Every piece has its place. Once you open the armoire up, everything can be seen and easy to find without digging through it all.
  5. Full length mirror on the outside of the door.
  6. Although it is heavy after it is loaded, it still hangs easily over a door.
  1. Chunky statement necklaces are in style right now, but they are a bit thick for the space and can make it difficult to shut the door. 
With that being said, I would give it a 5 star rating.

Alright, my earring collections is just starting to grow. This past year I have really been craving them. The earrings slid right into their spot, with the exception of two because they were hooped earrings. There is also a neat stopper at the bottom of this section to catch any earring backs that fall off so they do not get lost!
Right under my earrings are where I hang any loose bracelets or real short necklaces like my pearls and the cross to the left of them and the colorful necklace to the right of the pearls.
I love the room it gives me for my long necklaces. My feather necklace was still a bit long, but it was not a big deal to double up hooks for it to make it shorter to fit.
Feel free to laugh. My ring section is pretty sad. It has not been until recently that I could wear rings because I have always been a nail biter. It is growing though guys! Work with me here!
The small mirror is right above this section and underneath the rings. These are my main necklaces I wear on a day to day basis and consist mostly of my collared short necklaces. There were a few that I triple hooked but only for the simple fact that they are wider and would ruin the necklace if I had only used one hook. So far this has not created a problem and I do not mind it.
Bracelets and watches are my favorite accessories right now! I wish I had many more. This is on the bottom underneath my collared necklaces. There are three cups on each of the four rows to hold my bangles, wrap, and cuff bracelets, as well as a watch and loose extra links from other jewelry pieces.
Well, this is my treasure box full of my jewels. If you are going to invest in the jewelry, you need a proper place to store it, just like you would your clothes, shoes, and everything else. How do you store your jewelry? Any other spectacular jewelry storage that I should know about?!

Hopefully I will have another post soon. I am expecting to receive great news tonight and can not wait to share the surprise with everyone!!!
Spoiler alert: I have accepted a job.
Hint: Blue

Miss Mal

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