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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Whoever said planning the wedding was the hard part was wrong. Finalizing my bridesmaids has been the hardest thing, ever. Ryan, however, knew who his groomsmen were going to be and pretty much in what order they would be standing from the moment we got engaged. You would have thought he had spent his childhood dreaming of his wedding day. Finally after a month of engagement, I had made a decision of four beautiful gals that mean so much to me. At this point, I was just crossing my fingers and saying my prayers that they would say yes.

I figured with such a grand decision, I needed a grand proposal. So after shopping throughout some craft stores, this is what I came up with. By the way, Carly shopped for this stuff with me during a "girls day" and how I kept the use for the materials a secret baffles me. I had to lie all day to her. To those that personally know me, know I can't lie to save my life. But...I don't think she knew! Wooo! Go me!

Now for the line up...
Matron of Honor: (I know I put maid...my bad) Ashley, cousin
Bridesmaid 1: Carly, BFF--She is getting married in August!
Bridesmaid 2: Madi, cousin
Bridesmaid 3: Robyn, Ryan's sister--Does this count as not being an only child now?! I am super excited to gain a sister!

Each box had...
  • A black with gold sharpie mug labeled with "Bridesmaid" or "Maid of Honor", the wedding date, and the girl's name.
  • A paper chain of "bridesmaids" with the name of the corresponding bridesmaid.
  • A personalized card that popped the question.

Ryan's groomsmen are three boys he grew up with and then, my pick, C.J. This past weekend we finally finished asking everyone in our wedding party, including the kids. Aside from how I asked my bridesmaids, I loved how we asked our flower girls. Over Christmas break Ryan "proposed" to my cousin Graci, 2 years old, with a ring pop. It involved candy so that was an easy answer "I want the sucker." Then he proposed to my bold, outgoing cousin, Lily, 6 years old, with a small, gold, flower ring. Adorable.

The video shows just how shy she was, it was so cute. Oh, and ignore the P.J.'s, it was during our Christmas breakfast.

Miss Mal

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