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Monday, April 22, 2013

Official Blogger Status

With the ever changing social media, it is hard for a girl to keep up! I do not have time to log on to every single social media site to share the same picture or story with friends and family. I have always liked to document my life and important events through scrapbooking, but let's get real...who has time for that?! Everything nowadays is digital so this is my way of "digital scrapbooking" my life. Everything can all be found in ONE spot. Whew..that's a relief!

Whether I have a lot of followers or not, I am excited to use this blog to record all things that occur in this crazy, hectic, blessed, stylish, sometimes boring, but happy, life of mine. Daily, I conduct a creep through the many blogs I follow while wishing my life was interesting enough or I had some skill that would make for a good blog. I have decided to do this for ME. I am almost 22 [tomorrow] and am about to endeavor on a journey full of "firsts". What better reason to begin blogging?! I am a recent college grad that is trying to make sense of the wonderful world that surrounds me with God as my guide. How can I fail, because I am clothed in strength and dignity and I am going to laugh without fear of the future! Proverbs 31:25 

If I do develop followers...I hope I can be an inspiration or a friend somehow through my posts about life, teaching, fashion, faith, photos, travels, and whatever else this blog may bring.

Miss Mal

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