Miss Malarie

Thursday, August 18, 2016

14 Weeks

Hello Second Trimester!!

Right when I had started getting some energy back, school started back up. With school brings high school volleyball and 2 a day practices. I am wore out! Please excuse my boring looking chalkboard and my attire since I just came from practice.

Other than an extremely busy week, it has been a good one. I have only had my students for two days, but I think I have a pretty good class. These kiddos will definitely keep me busy until my due date.
How far along? 14 weeks 
Total weight gain/loss: None as of last Thursday, but I haven't weighed myself at home. 
Maternity clothes? Nothing yet, but I am getting close. My dress pants were pretty snug today and I had a melt down the other night when a few of my dresses wouldn't fit for Back to School Night.
Stretch marks? No 
Sleep: It is getting better, but waking up for morning practice isn't helping.
Best moment this week:  Starting back to school. I haven't told my students about Baby Stu yet though.
Have you told family and friends: Yup
Miss Anything? Sweet tea & coffee. This week is really testing me with no caffeine!
Movement: Nope but last week my doctor told me to start to pay attention for flutters.
Food cravings: This week food just hasn't sounded good. WEIRD!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not lately
Have you started to show yet: I have had a few people come up and tell me that I have. In the picture above my belly definitely looks bigger-I JUST ate.
Gender prediction: My family keeps telling me they think a boy, but I still have NO clue.
Labor Signs: No 
Belly Button in or out? In 
Wedding rings on or off? On 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!  
Looking forward to: Getting to see Baby Stu on a 3D/4D ultrasound next week!!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

13 Weeks

One minute and thirty-one seconds. After laying still on the bed for one minute and thirty-one seconds the doppler finally picked up a heartbeat. Talk about a panicked hopeful momma-to-be.

Flashback to last week... Our good ole Cherokee County Fair was in town and I wanted nothing more than a Church Wagon Corndog! YUM! As I was practically dreaming about this stick of deliciousness, it hit me--my doctor told me no hot dogs. This could not be happening! So after some research and phone calls, we found out that as long as the hot dog reached 165° it would be safe to eat. Surely this deep fried dog met that requirement. (Side note: for those that don't know, hot dogs are like my favorite food. I know, kind of silly.) Anyway I got to indulge in my favorite County Fair meal and life was grand!

The next day I started getting a pain in the right side of my stomach along with a few other worrisome issues for the next 3 days and Sunday I decided to call Ryan (who has been working away the past 2 weekends) and he told me to go to the ER. The rest of Sunday I started feeling better so I told him I would just wait until my appointment Thursday (today).

My mom was excited she got to go with me this morning to my appointment since she probably won't get to go to any now that school is starting. The first thing the nurse did was try to find the heartbeat and the minute and thirty-one seconds was the longest time of my life. All I could think about was I shouldn't have ate the corndog and I should have went to the ER on Sunday. Then, in the next second we heard the most beautiful drum pattering sound. Baby Stu was still doing okay in there. My alligator tears started to fall, now in relief. When the doctor came in she went ahead and did an ultrasound and oh my, there are no words! The doctor said there is a little miracle in there...she has no idea. Baby Stu was pretty much doing backflips and we couldn't keep up him/her because of how much he/she was moving! Mom said I have an Olympian in my belly in either swimming or gymnastics. Baby Stu must be picking up on all the Olympic Games I've been watching. 

Today has been filled with many emotions, but what a great day it has been!!! I was so excited we got to sneak an extra peek of Baby Stu! I just can't wait to become a momma to this precious baby. Also, I can't say enough how thankful I am for the prayers and all the support I have been given.
In the top photo you can clearly see Baby Stu's head on the right, body, and two legs to the left.

How far along? 13 weeks 
Total weight gain/loss: Still none! I am shocked. Today I was actually down about a half pound.
Maternity clothes? I have bought a skirt and a few things but not wearing anything yet. I still haven't had to use the magic rubber band trick on my pants. 
Stretch marks? No 
Sleep: Still getting up most nights for a bathroom break. 
Best moment this week:  Today seeing our little baby!
Have you told family and friends: Yes
Miss Anything? Sweet tea and coffee...coffee especially now that work is starting back up. 
Movement: I don't feel any but we now know Baby Stu is having fun in my belly. 
Food cravings: Potatoes  
Anything making you queasy or sick: BBQ  
Have you started to show yet: I have had several people tell me they can notice, but I still feel like it looks like I just overeat. 
Gender prediction: Most of my family keep telling me they have dreamed about boys, but I have no idea. 
Labor Signs: No 
Belly Button in or out? In 
Wedding rings on or off? On 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!  
Looking forward to: Finding out Baby Stu's gender in 2 weeks!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

12 Weeks

Where do I begin? I am so thankful for the out pour of support from the prayers, messages, and even gifts. Many of the messages I received asked for updates and that is my goal so I will do my best to do that. However, for those longing for this chapter of their life I definitely understand the bitter-sweetness and for those that I know about, I am praying for you. I am doing my best to respect those feelings by having less posts to social media, but still documenting this great adventure! I get to go to the doctor again next week and I can't wait to hear Baby Stu's heart beat again!

Telling our parents, family, and close friends was the most fun surprise we have ever done. These are just a few of those sweet moments. Side note-my mom and I are practically best friends and she always has me figured out. With that being said, if I showed up excited she would have immediately known so we had my mom thinking we were moving away due to Ryan's job. She was already crying when we showed up. Also, Ryan's mom just had back surgery so she still wasn't feeling her best. Hopefully this is an incentive for a speedier recovery!

I can tell a slight difference, but I mostly just look and feel like I ate a whole Thanksgiving feast...by myself.
How far along? 12 weeks 
Total weight gain/loss: None so far although I haven't weighed in a few days.

Maternity clothes? Nothing yet, but I am sure it won't be long. So far I haven't even used the magic rubber band trick on my pants. 
Stretch marks? No 
Sleep: I am probably the world's best sleeper but since Baby Stu I am exhausted most of the day and I get up at least once in the middle of the night for a bathroom break. ...it's only the beginning. 
Best moment this week:  Telling everyone the big news!
Have you told family and friends: Earlier this week!
Miss Anything? Hot dogs and tea!!! *tear* 
Movement: No  
Food cravings: Pasta, potatoes, & cinnamon rolls  
Anything making you queasy or sick: I am scared to even type it because the thought of it makes me sick...BBQ. Other than that, I haven't really dealt with morning sickness.  
Have you started to show yet: The start to a little bump so far - people probably just think I ate one two Chipotle burritos. 
Gender prediction: Most of my family keep telling me they have dreamed about boys, but I have no idea. 
Labor Signs: No 
Belly Button in or out? In 
Wedding rings on or off? On 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!  
Looking forward to: Finding out Baby Stu's gender

Thank you so much for all the support so far. Please keep us in your prayers for a healthy pregnancy!!!