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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Planning OCD

Today started out normal, as usual. Hit the snooze about 3 times, decide I can go without fixing my hair and putting on too much make up (reset alarm for about 45 minutes later), throw something in the microwave for breakfast and flip on the Keurig while brushing my teeth and rushing to get dressed, blah, blah, blah. I arrived to yet another training (which was actually really great) for a long day, worked a bit in my classroom and then headed home.

Normal, right?

Then.... I stopped by the post office (there had been some mix ups with my mail) and they ever so cheerfully handed me this.....
I felt like a kid, wait, scratch that...I do on Christmas morning. I wanted to hug the mail lady myself! My Erin Condren lesson planner finallyyy came in the mail! ...and don't you just love when things come wrapped all pretty? Like I said, Christmas morning :) Each planner is personalized to your liking. You can even request specific things you would like on it, in it, or about it. I am telling you, this Erin girl is awesome!

I chose the "chalkboard" style and you can see how I personalized it. One silly thing I was excited about was the aluminum coil they used to bind the book instead of the plastic one previously used. The inside is filled with colorful tabs and is very organized (which is crucial to my OCD). The inside also consists of page protectors for important papers, folders, a bookmark, an absentee log, a student checklist, pages for notes, and of course, a super easy lesson plan layout. My camera on my phone stopped working right after I snapped the above photo or I would have more amazing photos to share. You can check all of this out, including a video showing you the inside, here. Teachers....this is a MUST have! Seriously! Oh...and right now on anything under Tools for School on her site is 10% off until the 23rd!

On her website, she also has tons, I mean tons of other stuff too! Life planners, wedding planners, stationary, prints, recipe cards, iPad/iPhone cases and stickers, and lots more. CHECK IT OUT! It is not just for teachers. Did I mention when I received my package, there were FOUR discount codes inside?! Score!

Anyway, enough of my rant. As you can tell, I am super pumped for this and the planner has me really excited about lesson planning. I better finish as much of that as I can while I still feel so happy about it ;)

Miss Mal

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