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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I am in a teachers paradise right now. Next year will be my first year as a classroom teacher and I have had probably about 7 books for my classroom. Yikes!! I feel it is important for any and all classroom teachers to have books in your classroom. Get your students excited about learning early. Well, I am broke and was beginning to worry that I was not going to have hardly any books in my room for my students to read. ...until yesterday!

The librarian in the school where I currently work was doing her annual library shelf cleaning. This year she was getting rid of a bunch of books that were still in good shape and books current students enjoy reading. She was kind enough to tell me about this before all the books were picked through. The books were being sold dirt cheap! I left yesterday with 30 and went back today for 20 more. 50 books!!! Which is 50 shades of awesomeness! Oh and guess what the total cost was?! Drumroll..........$10! SCORE!

I am so excited to put these on my classroom's bookshelf to start making memories with my students. If you are a new or current teacher, I suggest asking either the public or school library when they next planning on tossing books. This website is also a great source to find sales. Hopefully you will have as good as luck as I did!

Miss Mal

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