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Saturday, January 16, 2016


Valentine's day is in less than a month so I decided I better start figuring out what I am going to do for Ryan. We have never really gave extravagant gifts to one another, but instead we have done something that makes each other feel special. Our very first Valentine's together I made Ryan a home cooked meal complete with his favorite food, ham. If you know me, you know how extremely difficult this was! Luckily, it all came together. Another year Ryan "hired" his roommate at the time to serve us dinner for two. It was so sweet. I am sure our love holiday will go somewhere along those lines.

Planning this years festivities for the national day of love really got me thinking about our wedding and everything that made it special to us. Our family surrounding us, the snow falling, the food prepared by our friends, and so much more that could never be put into words. Which got me also thinking...I never shared pictures or our beautiful video! It has been a little over a year since the big day and I could still watch it every day. I loved every minute second of that day from the moment I woke up next to my "baby" cousin Madison and running outside to a surprise snowfall to falling asleep next to my handsome husband in our first home together.

Our videographer, Brooke, also did a Save the Date video for us to tell our love story.


Our photographers also did a beautiful job with our book! Only a few of my favorites...

The boys really did clean up nice...and then there is C.J.
Ryan's grandpa Studebaker drove us away from our wedding in his 1923 Studebaker.
Fun Fact: 23 is our favorite number and our age in this photo.
How can you not absolutely adore this photo of Ryan's grandparents giving us marital advice?!

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