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Monday, July 1, 2013


My favorite summer weekend has come and gone. It was a little different than normal, but it was still a success. This year marked the 11th annual themed family reunion camp-out. We celebrated Hollywood style, hence the name Moslerwood.
My dog Abby was hiding behind us...camera shy.
The camp-out takes place at my great grandma Mosler's home in the country. On Thursday evening we went out to help get things ready for the weekend festivities. It has been a rough year for grandma and by Thursday evening, we had to rush her back to the hospital. Unfortunately, she remained in a hospital bed during all of the glamorous activities. I told her it would not be a true Hollywood affair without someone going to the hospital, I was just glad it was not for overdose or rehab, haha. I am pretty sure our family was the talk of the hospital though with all the stories she was telling. They knew exactly who we were there to see when we got to the floor. Great Grandma Mosler sure is proud of her Mosler family and I am pretty proud to be a Mosler too.
 After the Thursday evening commotion, everything was in full swing by Friday night. One by one, family members arrived at Grandma's. It is nice to be able to come together and celebrate our family name. Saturday was complete with Hollywood style campsite decorations, impersonations, entertainment, award ceremony, black tie affair dinner, movie production, and of course...food! Sounds fun, right?!
My luxurious vacation home for the weekend. The top of the tent is see through so it is nice to fall asleep gazing at the stars.
The best campsite decoration goes to...Aunt Elaine and Uncle Gary!
All of our impersonations, including the paparazzi! Minus my Papa dressed up as one of the guys from Duck Dynasty.
Making the Moslerwood version of the Walk of Fame Stars for Grandma's back yard.
Yes, my dog Abby's print is in it. :)
Dinner time looking all snazzy!
Papa is known for his camo. This is as fancy as he is going to get, but he enjoyed it!
I feel like the weekend went by super fast, but memories were definitely made. Until next year!

Miss Mal

P.S. Summer school began today. Whew... it was an adventure. I am sure I will have stories to share about that soon! This whole "I am officially a teacher" is really sinking in!

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