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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Star Spangled Babbling

Am I a little late?! Oops. Anyway, this was my white board decoration for the day for summer school.
So I had full intentions on posting this Sunday evening, but that obviously did not happen. Anyway...my fourth and weekend was great! It was was mostly spent with this darling diva.
It is safe to say Graci is a diva...just stating facts. But dang, look at her legs my heels. She is already working it, haha.
Last Wednesday we walked around a firework tent picking out things that went BANG! which was what she said after just about every one we lit! Haha, she loved them. (Keep in mind that those heels of mine were being worn by her during most of them. When we told her to put her shoes on, she insisted on wearing mine.) 
My favorite firework to light during the daylight has always been parachutes and I like to think that those were her favorite. :) She got super excited when we would run out to chase them, especially when one run involved getting to go in the street!
On Thursday, my family and I went to Springfield for an all American adventure which included 5 Guys burgers, Bass Pro (how can you not go to Springfield and skip it?!), and even test driving some new Chevrolet vehicles! ....by the way, I am getting my new car tomorrow and will probably have plenty of photos all over Instagram of it! We attempted to watch our hometown firework show when we got back, but notice I said attempted. The fireworks did not go up very high and our view was blocked by trees. Booo! I LOVE watching them. I still think it was a star spangled day! Saturday night I was able to see better fireworks with Graci and some family. Whew!
I love flag patterns...even on my pj's.
Celebrated Independence Day on the 3rd at summer school. Rocking the red lips...muah!
Playing out the circle shapes...elementary teacher in me?

If you are still with me through all my babbling...... Remember how I said up there about test driving on the 4th?! Well, tomorrow I am going back home for the evening to pick up my new car!!! Eeeek! I am super excited to post about it!! If you follow me on Instagram, prepare for an Insta overload! I am apologizing in advance. =/ For now I have to get back to cleaning and other boring stuff so I can be ready to leave straight home from school tomorrow!
After 8ish years, this Jeep has seriously saw it all! I might even shed a tear as think about not driving it daily. I am not joking when I say I love my Jeep! At least I decided to keep it so I can still drive it from time to time to get my fix.

Miss Mal

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