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Thursday, August 4, 2016

12 Weeks

Where do I begin? I am so thankful for the out pour of support from the prayers, messages, and even gifts. Many of the messages I received asked for updates and that is my goal so I will do my best to do that. However, for those longing for this chapter of their life I definitely understand the bitter-sweetness and for those that I know about, I am praying for you. I am doing my best to respect those feelings by having less posts to social media, but still documenting this great adventure! I get to go to the doctor again next week and I can't wait to hear Baby Stu's heart beat again!

Telling our parents, family, and close friends was the most fun surprise we have ever done. These are just a few of those sweet moments. Side note-my mom and I are practically best friends and she always has me figured out. With that being said, if I showed up excited she would have immediately known so we had my mom thinking we were moving away due to Ryan's job. She was already crying when we showed up. Also, Ryan's mom just had back surgery so she still wasn't feeling her best. Hopefully this is an incentive for a speedier recovery!

I can tell a slight difference, but I mostly just look and feel like I ate a whole Thanksgiving feast...by myself.
How far along? 12 weeks 
Total weight gain/loss: None so far although I haven't weighed in a few days.

Maternity clothes? Nothing yet, but I am sure it won't be long. So far I haven't even used the magic rubber band trick on my pants. 
Stretch marks? No 
Sleep: I am probably the world's best sleeper but since Baby Stu I am exhausted most of the day and I get up at least once in the middle of the night for a bathroom break. ...it's only the beginning. 
Best moment this week:  Telling everyone the big news!
Have you told family and friends: Earlier this week!
Miss Anything? Hot dogs and tea!!! *tear* 
Movement: No  
Food cravings: Pasta, potatoes, & cinnamon rolls  
Anything making you queasy or sick: I am scared to even type it because the thought of it makes me sick...BBQ. Other than that, I haven't really dealt with morning sickness.  
Have you started to show yet: The start to a little bump so far - people probably just think I ate one two Chipotle burritos. 
Gender prediction: Most of my family keep telling me they have dreamed about boys, but I have no idea. 
Labor Signs: No 
Belly Button in or out? In 
Wedding rings on or off? On 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!  
Looking forward to: Finding out Baby Stu's gender

Thank you so much for all the support so far. Please keep us in your prayers for a healthy pregnancy!!!

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