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Friday, May 17, 2013

If the Shoe Fits

Lately, I have been hearing from more and more people about a store called The Run Around and I decided that I should check it out. I have been needing a new pair of tennis shoes to get back into running again. The store helps you find the perfect shoe for your individual foot. When I walked in they asked me to step on a scale (no worries, nothing that weighs you!) that recorded things such as the pressure points on your feet, shoe size, and other things I probably know nothing about. After they look at what the computer records, they watch you walk on a treadmill for a bit so another computer system can record how you walk and the movement in your feet. I was amazed at all of the technology they used. When both procedures were completed, they told me a little about what they saw and noted and then showed me proper shoes for my feet.

>>Fun fact: I am not a size 6.5 or 7 like the MANY shoes I own are. I am a size 8!<<

When they told me I needed a size 8 shoe, I about laughed in their face (rude, I know, so I chose not to). I carried on with trying the insane size 8 shoe while "humoring" them. I was shocked! Instantly I felt all sorts of support all around my foot and a shoe had never felt so comfortable. I always thought I had a really high arch in my foot so I wouldn't ever have support there. Come to find out, my arch isn't that much higher than average and it was just that my shoes were too small to fit my arch. My shoes have never been uncomfortable and so I just assumed they were the right size, also, when I would buy tennis shoes at a normal sporting store, they always told me the shoe fit fine. Little did I know, I was almost an entire size and a half bigger in size!
After showing me three different options of shoes, I chose these Mizuno ones. I wore them all day yesterday and am going to be wearing them all day today at the elementary track meet. I do not think my feet have ever been happier! My friend who went along with me bought two pairs of shoes. One for running and the other for work (she is a nurse). After she worked the night shift, she texted me to tell me how amazing they were. So no matter your cause, if you are needed a new pair of tennies or would just like a comfortable shoe, I would check this place out. I am happy I did!

Miss Mal

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