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Thursday, May 16, 2013

So Many Things with Such Little Time

This past week I have loaned my computer to my mom, so I have missed out on a lot of blogging. A date with Lily monster, Mother's Day, softball season ending (heartbreaking), and a frustrating/stressful week pretty much sums it all up.

Since I have been crazy busy for me with student teaching, graduating, working, and coaching softball this past year, I have not had nearly enough time with my family as I would like–especially with Lily. It is her first year of Preschool! Lily is my cousin that I have helped take care of since she was born. Although I love all of my family more than anything, Lily and I have always had that special connection. Friday night we had a much needed date night and sleepover. One five-year-old can wear you out!!! We went out to eat at a local loved Italian restaurant, Josie's, went bowling, and then she conned Ryan into taking her for ice cream at Cherry Berry's, even though it was 10:00p.m.--wayyy past her bedtime!  Lily may or may not be spoiled at times.

My mom has been my #1 fan my entire life. She has cheered me on every step of the way. Although I claim to be a "Daddy's Girl," my mother has became my best friend over the years. Because she has always been my fan, she is always behind the camera taking photos instead of being in them with me. For Mother's Day this year, I decided to have Classic Portraits sneak a picture of the both of us while we were helping them work an event. She was thrilled when I gave her the photo and was so surprised!
We may not look a lot alike, but I hope I take after her heart. My mom is the most compasionate, loving, understanding, forgiving, God loving person in my life. I am forever grateful that God chose her to take on the challenging task of raising me for a child. [[This is not the actual quality of the photo...much better in person.]]
Isn't that the truth?! My mom always knows what is best and where to find everything when I have lost misplaced something.

Well, just five more working days left for me then it is summer time! Wahoo!!!! Tomorrow I will put up one other post about one of my favorite things that has happened this past week.
Hint: It is about something that girls never have enough of ;)

Week recap of my favorite Instagram photos.
The last morning softball practice of the season results in putting my makeup on at work. Oh, the life of a teacher/coach.
Beautiful Kansas sunrise on my way to work.
--No caption needed. It has been one of those weeks and it isn't even Friday yet.--

Miss Mal

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